Festival Re:publika

Festival Re:publika 1918 – 2018

26. 5. 2018 - 17. 6. 2018
BVV Brno

The festival RE:PUBLIC 1918–2018 is taking place under the patronage of the president of the Czech Republic, the governor of the South Moravian Region, the mayor of Brno, several universities, the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, the Union of Towns and Municipalities and other important institutions. The project is a modern, interactive, social event reflecting on many levels the history, art, science, technology, industry, education and entertainment. The main pillars:

The Avant-Garde – a project introducing contemporary modern architecture, the best of Czech design as well as works embodying precise craftmanship of the last century. 

The Re:lax Zone – a sports and relaxation area describing the 100-year history of sport and giving the visitors opportunity to try both historic and contemporary form of selected sporting disciplines. 

Dance Brno 100 – a dance festival presenting dance ensembles from the successor states of the Habsburg monarchy and the largest gathering of dance ensembles in central Europe. 

Stories of Photographs – a national collection of private photographs forming the real history full of people’s stories. 

100 Years, 100 Books – the best Czech and Slovak literature of the last century will come to life and spread over the city. 

Would You Like a Snapshot? – Professional photographers will address visitors – just like promenade photographers did a hundred years ago – and the pictures taken will create a unique photographic record. 

EX:PO – an unconventional national dating agency for 1918 single women and men – another project by Kateřina Šedá. 

The aim of the Re:public festival is to create an interactive space where everyone can come together to meet, discuss, relax, learn and enjoy themselves. Every visitor can be also a co‑creator of the event.