Národní muzeum

The National Museum will be opened to public after a reconstruction on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic foundation and 200th anniversary of the National Museum fundation

28. 10. 2018
Historical building of the National Museum

The National Museum will open its door to visitors after a long reconstruction on the 28th of October - the day commemorating the Czechoslovak state establishment. Visitors will see reconstructed interiors, attend commented guided tours and will also see 3 exhibitions on the area of almost 2000 square meters.

„Czech and Slovak / Slovak and Czech exhibition“ - will be telling a touching story of Czech and Slovak nations living together side to side. It maps key moments of the 20th century but also personal stories of individual people. 1500 objects with audiovisual  documents and interactive elements will remind of the way of living - daily life, values and inspiration.

„ 2 x 100“ - a remarkable exhibition introducing 200 years of history. 200 years of collecting evidences about nature and people -  desire for knowledge. Visitors will see 200 most significant objects from the collection of 20 milion pieces.  These will be introduced with an unusual background and wider context. The exhibition tells also the story of the National Theater itself. 

History became future - A multimedia presentation will introduce the historical building of the National Museum as a national and architectural symbol. Visitors will be confronted with the project of Josef Schulz, his art uniqueness and the presentation of changing the building through the years. 

All exhibitions will be suitable for children with special programs for all schools. The National Museum will be open to public for free from the 28th of October to the 31st of December.